Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Loop via Medfield/Norfolk

No Purgatory for Me

Some of the other members of the PHAT Tuesday team were going on a ride out to Purgatory Chasm. Unfortunately I could not join them. My wife was recovering from a strep throat, my youngest has a cold, and my oldest has Soccer at 10:30. So that was not an option.

Quick Afternoon Ride

So after soccer, and after lunch, I had a small window of opportunity to get in a quick ride. I had to be back early enough to get ready to meet some friends in Boston. So a short ride was in order.

Short Rides = Speed

If I only have about an hour or so for a ride, I try to get the most out of it by focusing on speed. So for this 18+ mile ride I averaged 15.9 mph. It would have been above 16 if it wasn't for the steep climb at the end.

Enough Time...

The ride was shorter than I thought. I had time... Hmmm, Mow lawn, or clean bike chain and rear cassette. I cleaned my chain, rear cassette and rear derailleur.