Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Ride

Happy Mother's Day

After taking my family out for a really nice Mother's Day Brunch at "3" in Franklin our afternoon was unstructured. My wife was relaxing on the deck and the kids were relativly low maintenance and she said "Why don't you go for a ride?" I did. I needed to burn off at least some of those calories from the brunch.


There was a steady wind blowing from out of the west. Ed, a neighbor and fellow cyclist, recently told me that he heads out into the wind so that he has a tailwind on the ride back. So that's what I did. It worked to a certain extent. I didn't fight the wind on the last quarter of my ride. The rest of the ride, either a head wind or a cross wind.

Some Climbs

I won't get better at climbing if I don't do some climbing. So I headed south on Summer St. It is a nice climb and you get to pass by a house with a fountain with a fake aligator in the pond. Then I hit Mount St. I think it is a steady 8% grade over a half a mile. I surprised myself at how well I climbed it. Though when I ride solo, I'm always the fastest ;-) After that I I rode west on West St., where there is a short but steep climb right after the Cook's Valley Farm in West Wrentham.


I don't know if it is because it is early in the season, the wind, or whatever but it sems like I am riding very slow. I am having difficulty breaking 15 MPH Moving Average where usually at this time I am at least near the mid 15 range. I guess I need to ride more.

#!@% GPS

My GPS turned itself off about 4-5 times during my ride. It may be time for a new device.