Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First PHAT Tuesday Training Ride

First Ride of the Year (at least for me)

Is it going to rain? How cold will it be? How should I dress for tonights ride? There are all the thoughts going through my head as I drive south on 495 through spotty rain, ominous clouds, and hints of blue sky. Well, it didn't rain, was 50/50 clouds and sun (before the sun started to set) and ~60° F. I wore my long riding pants, my Germany shirt, and a long sleeve featherweight layer under my shirt. just the right amount of clothing.

Familiar Faces

This will be the third year of riding this Tuesday Evening ride and the first as an actual member of (PMC) team PHAT Tuesday. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces. I even rememberd some names ;-)

Not Pushing It

This was my first time out with the group this year and I didn't want to push it. Typically I try to hang on to the faster riders and just wind up getting dropped and then slogging it along trying to play catch up in "no man's land". This time I made sure not to get tempted to hang with the fast group. I would up riding with Tim and a couple of other PHAT Tuesday riders (Kevin, and Pete) on the first leg of the ride. It was nice riding that leg with a group for a change. Usually I get with the wrong group and get dropped here.

While we were riding, Tim and I were discussing the new website, the new blog, and the team's page on FaceBook. Interesting experience doing pseudo IT support while riding a bicycle.

Tim also introduced me to some of hte other team members. He also gave me tips on whose wheel I shouldn't ride to close to.

0:08 Seconds Faster

So I compared this ride with a ride from the same time last year. This ride I was 0:08 seconds faster :-) I guess I'm constistant.


I loaded up my Garmin Etrex Legend GPS with brand new batteries before the ride. I didn't have any issues with it. A first for this year.