Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Metric with Kathy

3rd Time's the Charm?

The first time I rode with Kathy, I mis-estimated how long the ride was goingto be and I made her late for something she was scheduled to do afterwards. The second time I rode with Kathy, she wrecked. This time we were going for a 60 mile ride. My fingers were crossed.

Early on in the ride we went down the same hill where she had wrecked. I fore-warned her about it and told her I would tell her where it was once we passed it. She remembered it when we came to that point. Kathy is relatively new to biking and is really took it up so she could compete in endurance events like the Lake Placid Ironman and the Kona Ironman she did in 2007. (The local triathalons are too short...)

Kathy on her Seven
Kathy on her Seven, originally uploaded by Martinator.

This is Kathy. She kicks my ass on climbs.

Sunny, then Cloudy, then Rain.

I think we hit the only part of the region where it rained. We were in Northern RI when the rain first hit us. It stopped raining about 10-15 miles later, but it never warmed up. We were cold and wet. My feet were cold and wet for the remainder of the ride, but not so much that it was a concern. Year of skiing and I know cold feet.

Kathy on the other hand, was starting to become numb on her left side. We pulled in at the first Dunkin Donuts sign we came across in Douglas, MA

Coffee Break
Coffee Break, originally uploaded by Martinator.

A much needed coffee break. We needed something warm after the rain and cool, overcast weather we passed through.

I think all the climbing we did on this route helped to keep us warm and the blood circulating. There was over 4,000" of climbing over this 60+ mile route. I felt it in my thighs for the first time this year, which was good. More rides like this and I will definitely get stronger and be ready for the PMC.

Kathy can climb.

Here's how I can tell:

On one of the last big climbs into Mendon, Kathy commented that her left hand was so numb that she couldn't shift out of the big ring (up front) while climbing. She said this "matter of factly" and she simply kept pedaling up the hill putting distance between herself and me (I was in the lowest gear possible on my bike: 39:23.)

Simply not fair...

A Successful Ride!

Despite the rain and the cold, it was a successful ride. Kathy got home in time to go for a run (crazy) and nobody went to the hospital. We parted ways toward the end so I could limp back home while she hammered her way to her home. :-)