Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faster Phat Tuesday Ride

Chilly Weather

It was a cool gray evening, and the winds hinting of oncoming rain... Enough bike noir... It was cool enough to justify long pants, long sleeve shirt shirt, and even an Under Armour Mens HeatGear Loose-Fit T-Shirt. I kept thinking about biking in the cold rain this past Saturday in summer gear. The more I thought about that, the more I was convinced I should dress warm. I'm glad I did.

Decent Pace

There was a large group heading onto Burnt Meadow road, almost everybody. Heading south towards Attleboro I was with a group that was going a decent pace, but I felt I could go faster. I saw Ed break away and join the group ahead of us. I wanted to bridge the gap before it got to wide, but I had to be patient and pick my moment.

Jumping the Gap

After the last minor climb on Fales St. before the stop sign I made my move. I saw the group that Ed was in slowing down for the stop sign and I jumped out of the group I was with and poured it on (but not too hard). I knew that they had to slow down and check traffic and I could gain enough ground during that time. It worked. Myself and another rider who jumped on my wheel had caught the group :-) I hung with them all the way to route 120.

Passing on the Climb Up 120

Route 120 has a decent climb into Rhode Island. Usually I get dropped here. This time however, I found myself passing the other membersin that group as I climbed. It was a unique experience. After that I hung on somebody's wheel on the descents (I was itching to pass) until Ed made his move. I quickly jumped on his wheel.

18.4 at the Half Way Point

We rode into the halfway point (where we rest and regroup for a few minutes) just as the "fast" riders were heading back out.

Heading Back

The pace to Mount St. seemed quicker than usual. However I was able to keep up. I think my thigh muscles were awakened on this past weekend vertical rich metric.

Of course, how fast could we be going if the new girl on the hybrid bike was keeping pace with us ;-)

Admittedly she looked like a cyclist who simply looked like she had borrowed a bike, any bike, for this ride. I have a feeling that when she shows up with a road bike, we are all doomed.

Mount St.

Let's just say I really need to order that 12-25 rear cassette for my bike. The 11-23 just isn't doing it for me.

The Chase

After Mount St. I pulled joe and Ed along the top of Union trying to catch Bill and a few others before "The Neighborhood". We eventually caught them at the entrance to "The Neighborhood". It is good to be in a paceline coming through "The Neighborhood". There is an ever so slight uphill grade at the beginning, then it descends all the way back to the start (essentially). So if you aren't in a paceline at the beginning of "The Neighborhood", you will never catch anybody in front of you.

The paceline I was in this night was averaging 21-25 through here.

Finish With a Sprint!

Right near the end of "The Neighborhood" is a good place to break away and sprint. You rest while you draft others in the paceline and then when the moment is right, you break away. Of course if you do it too early you just look foolish when you run out of gas and everybody catches and passes you.

I made my move and poured it on. I quickly jumped out front and was doing ~33 mph for a clip. Ed jumped out too and I think he rode my wheel as I sprinted out front. It isn't smart to look back in moments like that. Anyway, it was fun.

In the end I averages 17.7 mph for this nights ride :-) 18 is on the radar...