Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ride to Chemewa with Mike

Better Weather Than the Day Before

As bad as it was yesterday, it was that good today! When we rolled out it was 57°F and sunny. We debated about wearing warmer clothing, but it wasonly going to get warmer (hopefully unlike yesterday). My rule of thumb is that "if I am just a little bit chilly headed out, I'm dressed just right!"

Mike is a friend of mine from college. We've done our share of stupid things together ;-) Mike was looking for a sustainable excercise to get into and one of his neighbors suggested biking. So he got a bike this year, a Trek 1.2.


Mike told me he was looking to do a 30-40 mile ride today. He had done ~50 with a group yesterday. I was glad he told me that because we were both in the mood for the same type of ride today. I planned out a ~35 mile route south to Chemewa Golf Course and back via RI and Bellingham, MA.

It couldn't have been a more perfect ride with more perfect weather. Our timing was fortunate also and the afternoon was marked by occasional severe thunderstorms.

Mike Focusing on the Road Ahead
Mike Focusing on the Road Ahead, originally uploaded by Martinator.

Mike just back into biking. He hasn't really ridden since High School. Same situation as myself a few years ago.

Mike on his new Trek 1.2
Mike on his new Trek 1.2, originally uploaded by Martinator.

Mike on his new Trek 1.2. He just got it this past month. It is a nice ride.


We rode about 35 miles, which was good as Mike only had a few more miles in him towards the end. We rode pretty casually, occasionally picking up the pace here and there and also climbing some moderate hills here and there.