Saturday, October 6, 2007

Short 18 Mile Loop through Medway, Millis, and Norfolk

Saturday Afternoon Ride

After planting 45 bulbs with my daughter in our front yard, (and taking her to soccer practice in the middle of that), I found myself with some time before dinner to get a short bike ride in. So I geared up and headed out around 3:00 with no real planned route in mind. I headed up through Medway, where I ran into the Monsignor of the parish we go to walking from the rectory to the church. After chatting with him for a bit I headed north.

Cycle for Haylee and Route 126

Cycle for Haylee (CFH) Route Marker

As I headed north I came across the Cycle for Haylee (CFH) route markers spray painted on the road. I would have participated in this event if my schedule would have allowed. Since I had no plan I figured I would follow the arrows for a bit.

Rt 126

I was on Lovering headed west when I came to Rt 126. The space for the road was there, however the road wasn't. It was under some serious construction. The pavement was gone and it was a dirt/gravel road that only a Devoted Rally Cross Driver could appreciate. I wonder how the people who rode for the Charity event faired on this "road". I wasn't on a MTB or a CycloCross bike, and I didn't want to chew up my slick road tires, so I turned around.

Millis and Norfolk

I followed the CFH route markers for a while in the other direction and was in Millis when I diverged from the route. I had a nice leisurely ride back home through Millis and Norfolk. It was a good ride to sneak into a late Saturday afternoon.

It was Hot

Did I mention that it was hot? Mid-80's this Columbus Day Weekend. At least today it was.