Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home to Monster

Cool Morning

It was chilly this morning. Around 57° when I set out at ~5:40 am. I had a quick breakfast consisting of an over ripe banana and a cup of coffee. I didn't want to ride on an empty stomach and I was looking forward to having a breakfast sandwich when I got to work. I wore my Ggermany shirt because it is a "warm" short sleeve shirt (doesn't breath as well as my others), and shorts.

Memorial Day Prep in Holliston

I think holliston has the best Memorial Day tradition:

Memorial Day Prep in Holliston, MA
Memorial Day Prep in Holliston, MA, originally uploaded by Martinator.

Every Memorial Day since 9/11, all the poles in Holliston have the name of a soldier who died in one of the two wars this decade and their nationality. There is a surprising number of our allies flags along with the many American flags.

GPS Grumble

The GPS was working great, until it died when I crossed the Framingham/Sudbury town line.

Making Good Time

16.0 mph average! Well, the Cateye said 15.9, but when I plugged the distance and time into the spreadsheet, it calculated 16.0. I'll take it :-)