Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Even PHaster...


On my way to tinight's ride I was feeling hungry. It isn't good to go on one of these ride hungry from the get go. Hmmm, what to eat? I swung by the dunkin Donuts and grabbed myself a Ham, Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin. Mmmmmmmm...

Blog Fan Base

Apparently this blog is getting a fan base :-) People have started coming up to me once they find out who I am and tell me they follow me on this blog. Cool!

Fast Start

Typically the first few miles of this ride the group rolls out at about a ~15 mph warm up pace. Tonight, I looked down and noticed the pace was more like ~17 mph. The line was fast tonight and it hung together for the most part (except for the skinny fast people traveling at Warp 2 way ahead of us).

Fast Group

Once we rolled onto Burnt Meadow road I was working pretty hard not to get dropped. Not so hard as to burn out, but closing the gap at strategic moments, drafting whenever possible, etc. Once we got to the farms in North Attleboro I was still hanging in there I was happy.

As I am hanging on to this group, I keep thinking: "I sure am glad I stopped off at Dunkin Donuts..."

Dropped on 120

Pulling onto 120 I found myself pulling the group into a head wind. I didn't want to kill myself because just about everybody in this group are better climbers them me. So I dropped to the back, and then halfway up the climb I got dropped, but not too bad.

The "Catch" on 120

I was at least able to minimize the gap climbing up 120. I knew I could go faster then the paceline on the descent. I reeled them in soon after crossing the RI border.

Dropped once again on 120

After catching the group I was hanging on the back. The good thing about that is less work. The bad thing is that you are dependant on the people in front of you to hang on to the group. The two riders in front of me got dropped and thus, myself along with them. No big deal as we were almost to the halfway point.

19.5 @ The Halfway Point!

Fastest split time so far this year!

Bill Wiping Some Bugs Off of His Face
Bill Wiping Some Bugs Off of His Face, originally uploaded by Martinator.

Bill did his fair share of pulling the line. Is there any irony that we are all camped in the Handicapped spots for our break?

Refueling, originally uploaded by Martinator.

Ingesting Gu, Clif Shots, and the like at the Halfway point in Cumberland, RI.

Martinator Pleased with his Average
Martinator Pleased with his Average, originally uploaded by Martinator.

The obligatory self portrait :-)

Fast Ride Back

It was a fast ride back and I was doing my best to hang on again.

"I sure am glad I stopped off at Dunkin Donuts..."

Solo Finish

I got dropped on Mount Street and had a fast, solo ride back to the start.