Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Benchmark Ride

Small Window of Opportunity

Rain and crap in the morning. :-P

After church and after Market Basket...


Ok, have to talk about Market Basket. How do I describe Market Basket? Market Basket is a great place to go if you want to save a lot of money on food. They have the lowest prices of any supermarket in the region.

Market Basket is also a great place to people watch. If you have ever been in any supermarket late at night and see, well, your occasional "odd" shopper in the aisles then multiply that by 100 and drop it in the middle of the day.

Sunday afternoon at Market Basket was a zoo in just about every definition of the word...


Ok, back to biking

Weather? Benchmark

I didn't have much time for a ride, so I figured I would just head out for an hour on my benchmark ride. First I checked the weather. just north and west some grean was appearing on the radar. My route was south and west. Hmmm, maybe if I hurry I can beat the rain.

Riding south I was dry. I kept looking west and north and noticed the clouds were thicker and grayer. I pedaled faster.

I was 3/4's of the way home heading north on prospect/maple st (near high St) when I felt the "misting". Then a mile or so later it was raining. It wasn't raining too hard, but it was raining none-the-less. I was almost home anyway and at least I was riding.


I cranked out this 15 mile ride at 16.8 mph average!


After the rains had past and I was no longer riding, it became sunny again. Friggin New England Weather... seems to be having issues with their Viewport. I think the site is being neglected and Garmin focuses more on its Garmin connect site, which won't upload data from my Garmin eTrex Legend.