Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Climb Ride: Mount St. & Tower Hill

Strange Weather...

It was actually Sunny and warm Satruday Afternoon.

Time to Climb!

Earlier in the day, Ed installed my new rear cassette. In between then and mid Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower. After the shower, I had time to test it out.

I always struggle on Mount St. on my Tuesday Evening PHAT Tuesday rides. I typically have to stand up and grind it out. So want better place to test out the new gearing.

It did seem like I was able to get up that road with a higher cadence and faster that usual. I may have pushed myself a bit much though as I ran out of gas near the top by the house that looks like a giant chicken coop. I am still far from winning any "King of the Mountain" jerseys.

Diamond Hill Reservoir
Diamond Hill Reservoir , originally uploaded by Martinator.

Mount St. conquered, off to Tower Hill!
NOTE: this reservoir is not on a hill. The picture was taken at an angle ala "Warren Miller style" ;-)

Tower Hill

I love climbing up Tower hill road. Well, except for the really steep grade at the beginning. I still had to stand for that. After that initial grade though, it is a rolling climb top to the top. Everything was shifting pretty smootlhy back there with my new rear cassette.


For this 40 mile with 1,678" of climbing ride I averaged 15.4 mph. If only the weather would stay like this... seems to be having issues with their Viewport. I think the site is being neglected and Garmin focuses more on its Garmin connect site, which won't upload data from my Garmin eTrex Legend.