Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Street Sweepers!

Clean Roads!

I saw the street sweepers out yesterday in some of the town I pass through on my way to work. that's a sure sign of spring for us cyclists :-)

Soon I will be able to swap off my "off season tires" (Continental Grand Prix 4 Season) and mount lighter, faster tires.

Which Tires?

My tires from this past season are shot. I threaded my rear tire and my front tire is not too far behind. The question is, should I stick with the Continental Grand Prix Attack / Force Combo that I rode last season or explore something new. I've had Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires in the past, but they cracked rather early in their life cycle.

I really liked the Attack / Force Combo. I like the way they felt riding and they also seemed less prone to cracking than the GP 4000's. Like I mentioned before, the rear tire threaded before anything else (like cracking) happened.

Any thoughts before I go and buy myself a new set of tires?


Anonymous said...

Consider either of the following
- Hutchinson Fusion Tires
- Vittoria Diamante Pro Road Tire
- Vredestein Fortezza SE Road Tire

All would work fine. I prefer Hutchinson Fusion

sarah said...

I love that the roads are getting cleaned up, but I've choked in the dust clouds trying to pass the sweepers on my rides lately!!