Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nice 30 Mile Ride out to Blackstone and Mendon

Crisp, Sunny, Spring Day

It was right around 50°, not "too" breezy, and sunny. Perfect weather for a ride, as long as I dressed right. Last time I biked in shorts and regretted it. This time I was smarter and wore full length bike pants, a long sleeve cycling shirt, and a feather weight layer underneath on top. Result: I was neither too warm nor too chilly. Dressing right in the spring is both an art and a science.

30 Mile Goal

My goal today was to get in at least 30 miles. I wanted to go either south or west. I made it up as I went along. I went west and headed out towards Blackstone. I meandered south through Franklin and through Bellingham, past Lake Hiawatha, and eventually picked up the Charles River Wheelmen's "Two State Tango" arrows. (I really should do that ride someday from the start.) Almost halfway through I stopped at one of the few convenience stores in that area.

After updating my various "social network status" and refilling my bottle, I continued to head west and climb the big hill on Mendon St (in Blackstone; Blackstone St. in Mendon).

Overall it was a really nice ride. I saw a few other riders, and a lot of people on Motorcycles. Hopefully it will warm up soon. It is getting light enough to ride to work in the morning, but it is still pretty cold.

Lake Hiawatha
Lake Hiawatha, originally uploaded by Martinator.

I like to incorporate riding past this lake when I ride west. Lake Hiawatha is a private lake, approximately 70 acres, that is partly in Bellingham (MA) and partly in Blackstone (MA). It reminds me a lot of the lake communities in the town I grew up in, West Milford, NJ.

Daniels Farmstead
Daniels Farmstead, originally uploaded by Martinator.

The Daniels Farmstead is a scenic farm that sits on top of a hill in Blackstone, MA. It is about 484 ft. above sea level and about 200-300 ft. above the average elevation of the surrounding area. Apparently it has been around since the mid 1600's.

Daniels Farmstead and Me
Daniels Farmstead and Me, originally uploaded by Martinator.

This is me as I bike past the farm. Happy because I made it to the top. The descent was nice, not insane.