Sunday, April 26, 2009

First REALLY Warm Day of the Season

Sunny and in the 80's

Sunny day, warm temps, and the lawn mower is still broken = plenty of time for a ride :-) I lathered up in sunscreen and headed out.

I decided to head north and east. I like to mix it up a lot and try not to ride the same roads to often. I rode north through Holliston then east to Sherborn. I meandered south to Medfield and then made my way back through Norfolk. A nice 30 mile ride.

Approaching Central Sherborn
Approaching Central Sherborn, originally uploaded by Martinator.

This is one ofthe big white churches in the center of Sherborn. It is a beautiful town. It should be since it has the highest median home price in the state. One of the few towns in the area with a network of trails dedicated to horseback riding. There were a lot of homes for sale in this town.

North Street Market in Medfield
North Street Market in Medfield, originally uploaded by Martinator.

With one water bottle empty and one full, I decided to stop for a refill. The problem was that I had only $1 in cash on me. I asked the clerk if they would take a debit cart for a bottle of water. They said sorry but it was a $10 minimum purchase for debit cards. Then she referred me to the ATM. I didn't fell like paying a fee for cash just to buy a bottle of water. So I said thanks, put back the water bottle and left.

Then,while I was unlocking my bike, the clerk came walking out of the store with a bottle of water and just gave it to me. I told her that I did have a dollar and she refused to take it. That was a nice surprise :-)

I guess this would qualify as a "random act of kindness"

I'm really glad she gave me that water. I poured the water into my water bottle, dropped an Elixir tab in it and finished it pretty quickly. The coldness was very refreshing. (NOTE: If she hadn't given me the water, I would have just bought one someplace else.)


When I got home, the thermometer read 87°. That's hot!

I'm glad I had the sunscreen on :-)