Monday, April 27, 2009

First Bike Commute of the Year

Hemming and Hawing...

The weather reports kept on saying how beautiful the weather was going to be over the next couple of days. Finally, on Monday morning, I gave in. I packed the bike in my car, packed up a change of clothes and a bunch of bike crap, and drove into work. the plan was to drive in, ride home, ride in on Tuesday and drive home Tuesday after work. No more excuses!

The Ride Home

The ride home was uneventful. I had to stop a lot to make left turns. I don't remember stopping this much last year. The only real problem occurred when I hit High St. in Holliston.

High St. in Holliston

The entire road from South of Locust St. is being resurfaced and has been scraped down to the underlying "dirt" base layer. It was firm enough to bike down, but I made a note to to come this way on Tuesday Morning.

GPS Issues

My GPS shut itself off a couple of times. How annoying!


My wife made Stuffed Shells for dinner. It was Yummy. I ensured that there were no leftovers :-)

After dinner I spent some quality time on the Hammock.