Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ride to Work

Perfect Morning

It was 58°F when I left my house this morning at ~5:45 AM. Clear skies and the sun was almost up. I decided to wear shorts because I knew it was going to warm up as I rode and the the sun rose. It turns out I wasn't chilly at all :-)

The Sun Rising
The Sun Rising, originally uploaded by Martinator.

Less than two miles into my ride, I stopped to take this picture. Good Morning Sun :-)

Computer Issues

My CatEye Wireless bike computer has been iffy for a while. For some reason it isn't registering the proper speed and distance (occasionally it says I'm going 0 m.p.h or half the speed I am actually doing). I've put fresh batteries in both the transmitter and the main unit, so I don't know what the issue is. It seemed to work fine last night.

Add to that, the batteries in my Garmin eTrex Legend died.

Uneventful Ride

It was a nice ride and I felt pretty strong. Though I don't think I put in the average MPH I did at the end of last season. I did have to alter my route after encountering the "dirt" road that was a paved road last year. It should be nice when they finish resurfacing it.

My Soap!

I didn't realize I had lost my soap (and soap container) until I walked into the (little used, almost secret) shower here at work. I open the door, turned on the light and saw my soap container right where I left it when I last used this shower back at the end of last September. Bonus!