Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Loop Around Franklin

Nice Day

Earlier this week I had spoken with Ed about the possibility of riding this weekend. We leave it pretty open as things happen. Saturday; 1:30 PM Ed rolls into my driveway on his bike. There I am standing in my "shit-kickers" getting some yard work done. Oops. There's always next week...

Nap = Free Time

At around 3:00PM, I was able to successfully put my youngest daughter down for a nap. It was a battle of wills. My willingness to rock here outlasted her ability to fight going to sleep. She needed it as she is fighting a cold.

Now that she was asleep, I could go riding (she's 3, so at least one of us has to watch her to make sure she doesn't get herself into trouble. She is quite adept at that.)

Warm, Kind of...

The outdoor thermometer read 65°. That's the warmest it's been in a while. So I go with the shorts and short sleeve shirt (last weekend I was in full winter gear...). Well, as I headed out, it didn't feel like it was sunny and 65°. Oh well. I didn't care, I was riding.

Around Franklin

I did a short, 17 mile loop around Franklin on familiar roads. I saw a number of other riders out. It was good to get out. This is the most I have ever ridden in the month of March. Hopefully a good sign for the upcoming year.