Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Damn Fast!

I don't know what the 20 or so bikers ate or drank, but I want some of that! They frigging flew last night. I heard one person who was with that group say they averaged well over 20 mph for the first half of the ride. No way I was keeping up with that. I didn't even try.

Fast Enough...

I averaged ~19.5 for the first half and ~17.5 for the second half*. About what I have been doing lately. I think I may need a different rear cassette for the climbing. Even in the lowest gear I am grinding up the ascents. Maybe I can just change the largest two rings on the back. We'll see...

18.6 mph!

UPDATE: I did 18.6 overall. Second fastest time this year :-)

*NOTE: The halfway point it at the lowest elevation point on the ride.


Sandi said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I saw you guys on that ride. I was flying down the road on my cross bike and saw a group of riders -- 20 or so -- coming the other way, with road bikes, uniforms, etc. I was wearing a white T-shirt and grey shorts. I've been riding down from Franklin to check out trails in Diamond Hill State Park and then coming back up on Reservoir Road when the sun is going down -- gorgeous view. Only problem is now I'm getting home after dark, so I had to buy lights for my bike the other day -- seems very dangerous when I get back to Pleasant Street. What group or club are you guys with?

Martinator said...

@Anonymous - The core of the group is the PMC team Phat Tuesday. The rest of us just enjoy the training ride opportunity. We meet at the Jefferson-Remington School in Franklin, MA on Tuesday Evenings. The ride heads out at 6:00 PM sharp.

For more info check out: