Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot and Humid Phat Ride


It was hot. It was Humid. Occasionally there would be a breeze.

First Half

I kept up with the lead group until I couldn't. But I didn't get dropped until we hit the stretch of farmland in North Attleboro. I think the heat was getting to me as I took it easy rolling into RI where I usually try to push it on those rolling descents.

Keeping up with Ed in the Second Half

In the second half I decided to hang with my neighbor Ed. He races and is a more sane/tactical rider. I hung with him until he totally dusted me on a small climb. Then, off in the distance, I saw him motor-pacing. I eventually caught up to him at the top of Mount St.

Late Apexing...


Turning into a corner late and missing the optimum apex point in order to straighten out the last part of the corner. This allows the driver to accelerate earlier and harder, gaining maximum speed down the next straight.

After Mount street there is a nice, fast descent on Union St (Arnold St in Wrentham). However, you do have to make a sharp 90° turn onto Vine St. That can be hairy. I like to late apex the turn and carry my speed. However, this time I found myself in a group descending the hill. Ed was in that group and he said something about "Careful, this guy will lead you out through the turn." I wasn't sure what that meant, but I knew it meant he wasn't going to take the same line I wanted to take through the turn. So I dropped back and left enough room to take my line. I carried a lot of speed and blew past that group right after that turn (maybe during). Ed was the only one who caught me and I hung on his wheel to the end.