Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Ride Before the Rain

Late Start

I spent the morning catching up on finances. Financially we are is good shape as long as we don't buy anything until October ;-) As a result I didn't get out until almost 1:00 PM. I checked the radar and there were thunderstorms, but not nearby.

Lemonade Stand

About halfway through my ride I stopped at a Lemonade Stand on ridge street in Millis. A cup of Pink Lemonade and a Chocolate Chip Cookie for only a dime. I guess rising food prices haven't hit everywhere yet ;-)

I should have taken a picture. I didn't think to until I was already on my way.


The wind was picking up and the weather was feeling "more threatening". I decided to cut my ride short and hoof it back home. I got home before the rain, if you could call it that. As of this writing no Thunderstorms have hit yet, but I hear the occasional rumble.

Oh well. At least I got a quick 17 miles in, plus a Lemonade Stand.