Friday, July 25, 2008

Phat Tuesday Group Riding

(BTW: this is a pretty late posting for a Tuesday ride...)

This Ride's Goal

This rides goal was to stay with a group and not wind up in "No Man's Land". I made sure to start out in the back of the rollout so I wouldn't be tempted to be upfront. I didn't "fly" down Upper Union/Arnold St like I usually do. I waited at the Stop sign where the group as a whole usually breaks up making that left onto Rt 121/West St.

Then, on Burnt Swamp road, I found myself starting to separate from the group I was with. I purposefully slowed down and let them catch up.

I rode with this group all the way into Rhode Island. Then I miscalculated. I broke away from the group on what I thought was the last ascent on RT 120. It wasn't. I screwed myself.

Second Half...

I stuck with a group for the second half. It was much better than riding alone.