Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Group Ride


A while back an neighbor and fellow cyclist told me about a group of very local cyclists who rode out on Saturday mornings pretty regularly. He got me and Ed (another neighbor) onto their very informal email list. Finally an opportunity presented itself to actually join in on one of their morning rides. I got there a bit early right around 7:25 am people started rolling in for the 7:30 start. There were 8 of us all together.

Saturday Morning Rollout
The Group Rolls Out

To Hopkinton and Back...

This Saturday's ride was up to Hopkinton and back. "Up" is the key word. The pace seemed moderate and I had no problem hanging on until about halfway up the big climb into Hopkinton. It was a "no drop" ride I guess and the group stopped occasionally and regrouped. On the way back from Hopkinton the core riders really moved. They strung me along for a while then dropped me. they either had long legs or shaved legs. Well, I can't make my legs longer and I would be delusional if I thought shaving them would make any difference.

I just have to get stronger and faster. And smarter... ;-)