Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Phast Phat Tuesday

New Shirt :-)

Harpoon Shirt

For my birthday, my daughter got me the new Harpoon Brewery Bottle Cap bike jersey :-) She got the right size, but it is a little tight. After much thought I decided that the shirt is actually the correct size, it is just that my body is the wrong size. Time to lose some weight...

Phast Ride

I had thought I had jumped on a "moderate speed" group. However, the group was flying along at over 19 mph, probably over 20. I got dropped.

No Man's Land...

Once dropped, I was in what I now learned is called "No Man's Land". That big empty void behind the lead group and the next group. There was no hope of catching the lead group. The next group behind me was out of sight and probably too far back to catch up with me. I wasn't alone though. I was with another rider, Steve, who had suffered the same fate as me. So we rode together to the mid-point.

19.3 MPH Average at Mid-point!

19.3 MPH

The Ride Back

I made extra sure that I was with a group of riders for the second leg. I wasn't the last time I rode and I paid the price. It was tough. I was biking right behind the lead rider on Reservoir Road and I was chomping at the bit forcing myself not to pass him and take off ahead. I'm glad I was patient as I stuck with the group all the way to Mount St., where the steep grade brakes up any group that tries to climb it.

Strong Finish

I felt good at the top of Mount St. Only a few people passed me, and I left a lot more behind. The funny thing is, is that I was once again in a "No Man's Land" with Steve again. I hung with him until we got to "the neighborhood" approach to the School. He said he was done. I saw a group off n the distance. I knew I would never be able to catch them, but I was feeling strong and decided to try for the hell of it.

I averages 18.8 mph in the final mile and 18.4 overall. Better than at the same point than last year.