Friday, July 11, 2008

Perfect Weather for Bike Commuting...

Drive In, Bike Home, Next Day Reverse It

I was going to bike in on Thursday morning. I got up early enough, but then I got distracted. With the weather forecast near perfect, there was no way that I was NOT going to bike on either Thursday or Friday. Clear skies, temperatures in the 80° F. So I opted to drive in with the bike on the rack and ride home Thursday after work. Then ride back in to work Friday Morning, and drive home.

This works better as the "bike-to-work" route is 25 miles each way. I also hadn't pre-located any underwear at work, so driving in allowed me to remedy this.

Bike Home

For whatever reason, it seems more satisfying biking home from work as opposed to biking from home to work. It may have to do with the fun, rolling descent into Sudbury, where is it real easy to pick up and maintain speed. Or it may have to do with the fact that I am done with work for the day, and getting in a 25 mile bike ride on my way home. (It only adds 40 minutes or so to my normal commute.)

I averages 16.9 MPH on my way home. It felt fast too!.

Next Day, Bike To Work

With the car left behind at work, I was committed to riding in. I get up around 5:00 AM on the days I ride into work. I leave the house around 5:30 AM and roll into the office around 7:00 AM. I take a shower and stuff and by the time I'm done I'm at me desk earlier than I would be with me driving routine. (When I drive, I get up around 6:00 AM and leave around 7:00 AM)


After the hot and humid week we've had, it was quite a surprise to see 56° F on the thermometer. I was chilly when I rolled out. But I knew after a little bit of riding, and a little bit of Sun rising, that I would be plenty warm soon.

I started out pretty slow, (it was chilly after all), but once I hit the Millis line I had warmed up. Once I got past Framingham and into Sudbury, My legs were ready to go as they were feeling pretty strong. I averaged 16.7 mph on the way into work. According to my bike computer, I did 25.12 miles in 1:29:59. Heh, just under an hour and a half by a hair. :-)

Hmmmm.. Now that I did a total of 75 miles mid-week, where shall I ride this weekend?