Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wildwood NJ Sunrise Ride

Early morning ride around Cape May...

Knowing I was going to be spending some time in Wildwood Crest, NJ I searched for some rides in the area. I did manage to do one ride while I was there. I found the Township Loop on It was a good route. I didn't stay completely true to the route, diverging here and there. I wanted the start to be close to the shore (and at 6:00 AM, traffic wasn't a concern...). I also jumped on a bike path for a change of pace. Part of this route retraced last year's High Point to Cape May Ride.

First biker spotting...

Friendly old man who checked in on me as I was adjusting my seat height.

It was so early when I started, that it took a while before I saw another biker. It happened to be an old man moving along like he didn't have a care in the world. I had stopped to adjust my seat height and he asked me if everything was OK.

Cold Spring Bike Path on Cape May

Cold Spring Bike Path

I decided to jump on the Cold Spring Bike Path for a change of pace. I had ridden the on road route last year and traffic was starting to pick up on the road.

First Road Biker...

I drafted him, but we didn't talk.

As I came up to an intersection on the bike path I saw another road biker headed in the same direction on Route 9 (runs parallel to path). I jumped off the path and caught up to him. He knew I was behind him but he didn't say anything. So I respected his solitude and kept quiet. Once we got on the Garden State Parkway (yes, you read correctly...) he continued south while I headed east back to Wildwood Crest. While I was waiting at the light, I saw another biker come north and turn onto the road I was turning onto...

Reeling in another biker...

It was a long light so he got a bit ahead of me. I paced myself and began reeling him in without overexerting myself.


This Biker I chatted with...

I caught him. We chatted. He was just headed out while I was just wrapping up. He was coming from the town of Cape May and was going to ride the Wildwood Boardwalk and then head up to Avalon

My New Shirt!

Last but not least, I wore my new bike jersey for this ride. It was a birthday present from my family who are visiting from Germany.


Anonymous said...


I do use the the bike path myself sometimes since it's nice and shady. Glad you enjoyed the ride!

Don Varley