Saturday, July 21, 2007

To Cumberland Hill, RI and Back...

What a morning for a ride! It was hard to believe that it was mid-July and the sky was crystal clear with puffy cloulds and there was a chill in the airr as I headed out for an early morning bike ride (6:47 am). I would have headed out earlier, but I had to pay some bills first. It felt like a perfect September day, only in July.

Diamond Hill Reservoir.

South into Rhode Island

This morning I decided to head south in Rhode Island. Instead of just skimming the norther part of Cumberland, RI or climbing Tower Hill Road, I pushed just a bit further south to RT 120 (Nathan Whipple Highway). Nathan Whipple must be a local historical figure with a lot of family in the region. I say this because I knew a Nate Whipple from my autocross days way before I even came across this road.

Anyway... I passed through Cumberland Hill, RI, and there I headed back north on West Wrentham road. This is a saner way to climb Tower Hill, but not as gratifying ;-)

I was close to the Blackstone River Bike Path. Maybe I'll take advantage of that on a future ride.

Pan Mass Challenge Route Sign...

I came back via Lake st in Bellingham. This is a very familiar road to me as I often include it in my southerly routes. However this is the first time I saw a "permanent" route marker sign for the PMC (Pan Mass Challenge):

PMC Sign coming off of Lake St. onto Maple...

I know the route that the PMC takes through Bellingham and Franklin (and some of the surrounding towns). I've seent the neon green/yellow arrow signs that mark the route. However this is the first time I've seen a permanent sign. Maybe I haven't noticed it before, but in any case it was a good excuse to stop and take a picture.

Right Knee...

A while back I was having issues with my left knee which turned out to be Patellar Tendonitis. Raising my seat a little fixed that. However now I am having the same issue with my right knee. Maybe tomorrow I'll try raising my seat some more.