Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Hot Phat Ride

Tonight was a hot one. I think the temperatures was in the high 80's to lower 90's. I recalled some mentioning of "taking it easy" due to the heat. Heh. I don't think that happened. At the halfway point my bike computer registered an average speed of 19.9 mph.(My overall average was 18.6 mph.) That was my speed despite getting dropped by the lead group @ miles ~6.5 and the second lead group at ~10.5 miles. One of these days I won't get dropped. Last time I got dropped by the majority @ ~4.6 miles. I paced myself better this time and made a point to not be in the front. However, after the halfway break I found myself in the front during the 2nd half warm-up. A tactical error that cost me.

No GPS track for this ride as my Garmin eTrex Legend "self powered down" a couple of times.