Sunday, July 22, 2007

To Holliston and back (via Norfolk)

Another essentially perfect day.

  1. Mowed the Lawn - Check
  2. Trimmed the Forsythia bush - Check
  3. Spent time with family - Check
  4. Still time for an afternoon ride? Check

After getting my chores done and having fun with my two daughters, I had just under a couple of hours to slip in another ride. ELizabeth (1.5) and my wife were going to take a nap and Catherine (5.5) was going to have some quiet time (she doesn't nap anymore). I geared up and headed out.

Making new Lines...

Just about every time I head out for a ride I try to make it a point to "add some new lines" to my map. I track every ride and then add them to my Google Earth file. My North Western quadrant (Franklin, MA being the origin) was empty. The City of Milford and Route 495 are difficult obsticles to get around. At least until the Upper Charles River Trail gets completed. So I headed north-west for a change. The plan was to make my way up to Rt 16, head east to the center of Holliston, and play it by ear from there.

So that's what I did. I didn't have as much trouble crossing RT 126 or RT 109 as I thought I would. Once I was on Fisher St. in Medway I was far from any traffic. Right after the end of Fisher St. after I made the right onto South St. I saw where the proposed Upper Charles River Trail was going to be. Right now that section is a dirt path suitable only for Mountain Bikes. It looked well worn so I imagine that it is currently being taken advantage of my trail bikes (why not, if nobody else is using it now...).

Right Knee...

Before I set out, I made sure to raise my seat a little to help resolve the pain in my right knee. Apparently I raised it just enough. The Patellar Tendonitis that was acting up in my right knee yesterday was no longer a problem.

All-in-all it was a good afternoon ride where I got to cover some new territory and make it home in time before my youngest daughter woke up from her nap. :-)