Saturday, June 30, 2007

Highland Lakes to Ringwood...

Greenwood Lake

My old Stomping Grounds...

Today I rode from my mother's house in Highland Lakes to my Father's house in Ringwood, NJ. I took the shortcut through Waywayanda State Park. I had to pass through 1/10th of a mile of hard pack dirt road, but it was no big deal. The route is mostly downhill starting at ~1300" and ending up at ~500".

There was a big decent that I was a little worried about. Luckily traffic was light and the road was freshly paved from top to bottom. I topped out near 44 mph. It was fun.

A little after that I hit some rough road as there was a big construction project to re-route part of the Warwick Turnpike just south-east of Greenwood lake.

It was only 20 miles but it was a good ride. I actually beat my wife and daughters who left a little after me and had to take a route that didn't cut through the state park.