Friday, June 27, 2008

My Thumb and Tomorrow's Metric

My Thumb

It feels better. Not 100%. I haven't ridden since last Thursday. I didn't want to aggravate it any since I have a big ride tomorrow I have been looking forward to.

Marty's Birthday Metric

As part of my 40th birthday celebration, my wife asked me what I wanted. I said "a long ass bike ride with some close friends". So tomorrow I am going to do a metric I have mapped out with my best friend Mike, whom I've know since high school. We were also best men at each other's wedding and he is Godfather to my oldest daughter. My other best friend Dave was supposed to come, but he had some excuse about hurting his knee snowboarding this winter. He is going to show up after the ride and drink beers with us.

I thought about opening this ride up to more people and posting it on (A bicycling social networking site, so far local and in its infancy.), but that would have meant more organizing and I feared having to support 20 or so riders on a non-arrowed, non-cue sheeted metric ride all the way out to Connecticut and back. Maybe Next Year...

However, if you are on of my regular readers, (I know I have at least a couple), and you are reading this before Saturday morning, June 28th 2008, and you are interested in a moderate metric, drop me an or comment on this post. We haven't set a definite rollout time yet, but we are thinking maybe around 9:00. Maybe earlier, maybe later. If it is Saturday morning, send a text message to my cell phone


Keep an eye on this blog tomorrow as I may be taking pics with my cell phone and updating this blog as we ride :-)

My Plotted Out Birthday Metric