Friday, June 20, 2008

Monster to Home, Unhappy Thumb

Less Energy

Doing 2 25 miles rides in one day seems to be more tiring that doing one 50 miles ride. At least it seems to feel that way. I'll know more after I actually do a 50+ mile ride this year.


My thumb was "complaining" on the ride home. There is no swelling and I have fill range of motion. It is a bit painful to lift things and I hand to take my hand off of the handle bars when I hit a bump. It didn't like being jarred.

The location of the pain is near the wrist. [surfing... surfing... surfing...] Well, after surfing and Googling a bit the closest thing I can find is that I may have a minor Bennet's Fracture?

Bennett's Fracture

. Hmmm, maybe I better listen to the wife and call the doctor. I'll see how it feels later today or tomorrow...