Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bike to Work, Almost Uneventful

Perfect Morning

The morning could not have been more perfect for riding in. It was in the upper 50's when I headed out and eventually warmed up. Or maybe it was just me. Anyway, I debated wearing a shell but I definitely wore my long bike pants. I packed the shell in my backpack and headed out.

The Wreck

I wrecked within a mile of my office. Nobody's fault but my own. I did something stupid and paid for it. Instead of making a left off of Rt 27 onto Walnut St. I tried to cut the corner through the "Corner Store" convenience store parking lot. I keep on forgetting that road tires are not good at going over lips at shallow angles. Out from under me went the bike. I had the presence of mind to tuck and roll and finished off that "Gymnastic" move standing up. Banged my right hand' wrist at the base of my thumb and bumped my right knee.

Mostly I felt stupid.

Not so stupid as I did pack some Advil in my Backpack :-)

The Ride

I did kick butt on the ride in though. I averaged 16.9 mph this morning. My previous averages were 15.5 and 15.1. Unlike this past Tuesday, I felt stronger on the second half of the ride.

NOTE: GPS signal kept dropping out early in the ride...


Anonymous said...

Hope everythings OK - I've had a few of those moments


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I crashed myself once when my chain snapped getting out of the saddle. Landed in front of a bunch of mom's pushing strollers. They couldn't have cared less and I was totally embarrassed.

Martinator said...

@Anonymous (Ed): I believe everything is ok. though I may have to have a doctor take a look at my thumb.

@Arlyn: Wrecking is never fun, but it is even less fun when there are witnesses.