Monday, June 2, 2008

Medfield-Walpole-Norfolk, and Geese

Sunday Afternoon Ride...

My daughter got her riding in yesterday morning, in the afternoon it was my turn. When I headed out, I saw Ed, a neighbor and fellow Phat Tuesday cyclist pulling in. I waved, he waved back.

With no real plan in mind I headed east towards Medfield, then south into Walpole. Once in Norfolk I decided to head south some more into Wrentham. It was sunny and warm for most of the afternoon. However, when I hit Wrentham, the wind picked up andI saw a huge gray cloud come rolling in. I whipped out my cell phone and fired up my Mobile My-Cast application and I checked the radar. No rain in sight. No lightening strikes in the area either. Cool! time to keep riding :-)

Geese Crossing

Halfway through Norfolk, I came upon a family of geese crossing the road near the Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.

Geese, sometimes you just have to stop...

Across, safe and sound.