Saturday, April 5, 2008

Short Norfolk Loop, Eventually...

First, The Yard Work...

The weather was crappy for most of the morning. So I took advantage and did a lot of yard work. Who wants to do yard work when the weather is nice? I raked a lot of leaves, a lot of Oak leaves. Funny thing, I don't have any Oak trees on my property, but my neighbor across the street does...

The Shed

I cleaned out the shed also. I needed a place to put the bags of leaves. I didn't want them to sit outside for 2 weeks. Part of cleaning out the shed involved moving my 1982 Schwinn Varsity to the bike stand in the basement. The tires are toast, they're the original tires. They are practically crumbling off the rims. I weighed the bike, 38+ pounds.

Short Evening Ride

Around 4:00 I got my act together and rewarded myself with a short loop to Fruit St. in Norfolk and back. The sun came out and took some of the chill away. It was good to get out

I plan on going for a longer ride tomorrow, so a short ride tonight will suffice :-)