Monday, April 21, 2008

Short Norfolk Loop, Evening Ride

A Quick Evening Ride

After two days of 30 mile rides each, I should probably have rested this evening. but as I was driving home, the weather was too nice and too tempting to pass up. Not to mention that my wife and kids are out of town visiting with my in-laws, leaving me a bachelor until Wednesday.

I decided to just do a quick, 13 mile loop through Norfolk since the sun was still setting a little too early for a longer evening ride. I had done this ride earlier in the month (Short Norfolk Loop, Eventually...), but with much different weather.


the cool thing about posting your rides, particularly your benchmark rides, on (soon to me My Garmin) is that you can run a "Dot Race" and compare rides.

Check it out: Short Norfolk Loop: Dot Race
(NOTE: The necessary plug-in, (Adobe SVG Viewer), works in Internet Explorer only.)

Tomorrow night I will try and join up with the Phat Tuesday ride here in Franklin.