Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Phat Tuesday, Ride 1

First Group Ride of the Year

Ready or not, here we go. I figured I had gotten enough miles under my belt so far this season that I wouldn't be sucking too much wind on fast paced group rides such as this. "Ya gotta start sometime!"

I was doing pretty good. I focused on trying not to push myself too hard and just make sure I had enough energy to stay with the group. I was doing "OK" until about mile 5.

Chain Derailment

At mile 5 my chain derailed. I stopped. Quickly popped the chain back on, and tried to catch up with the group. No such luck.

After about a half mile, the lead group disappears...

Eventually, I saw my neighbor, Ed, in the distance up ahead of me. He had gotten himself a Garmin Edge 305 GPS bike computer. I saw him, but I couldn't close the gap. It turns out that we were both averaging 17.0 mph. You can see how I tried to catch him via's (soon to be Garmin Connect) Dot Race feature: Me and Ed (NOTE: IE only!). I hope they keep this feature when the switch over is made.

I saw a number of other riders with the same, or similar, device. however, I don't know if they upload their data. It would be cool if they did. At least I think it would be cool...

Finish Behind Some Big Guys

In the last 2 miles of the ride, I linked up with a couple of, how shall I say, "larger framed" and "non skinny" riders. They really powered through the last two miles and it was all I could do to hang onto their wheel. In the last mile we were averaging 21.2 mph! A nice way to finish :-)


While sitting in the parking lot after the ride I called and ordered a pizza from Imperial Pizza in Franklin. It was one of the few pizza places in Franklin we haven't tried and they claim to have "New York-style" pizza. It was also on the way home. Well, their pizza wasn't bad, but it wasn't "NY Style" pizza. Why is it so hard to find really good, (or just half-way good), pizza in Massachusetts? Papa Gino's should not be the best tasting pizza around. That's just wrong!