Saturday, February 2, 2008

Short Winter Ride

Road Biking with the Mountain Bike

I dropped one daughter off at a birthday party, the other daughter was home napping. After a quick run to the bike store to get an inside the vehicle rack for my father, I had just enough time to sneak a ride in. With the road bike all clean and waxed and set up in the trainer, I wisely rode my mountain bike. I'm glad I did. I saw a lot of potholes, puddles, sand, and mud. I even saw a couple of other bikers out and about.

Speed was not a goal

Just getting out was the goal. My legs were ok, but the winter biking hiatus has definitely taken their toll. I only did 8 miles, but it was frigging *


"Frigging" is actually in Firefox's spell checking dictionary!

cold and windy and I had to get back in time to go pick up my daughter.

The goal is to get enough riding in before the spring so that I won't be so rusty when the weather gets nice...