Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sheldon Brown 1944 - 2008

A local bike legend passed away this weekend. I never met the man nor did I realize how well known he was in cycling circles. I stumbled upon his site [Harris Cyclery] when I was working in Downtown Boston and intrigued by all the single and fixed gear bikes all the messengers were riding. I was considering resurrecting my old Schwinn Varsity from my youth and making it a city bike that I could ride around during lunchtime. I never did do that.

I saw his picture and thought "There goes an odd bird..."

Anyway, the tributes are popping up across the blog sphere. A Google search will find many, however I just like to highlight a few:

He was indeed well known and will be missed by even those who never met him...

A tribute blog has been set up where tributes and memorial rides and such can be posted.