Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday - 33.5 Mile Ride out to Uxbridge

Summer tires on, check. New brakes pads on, check. Clean chain, check (What a difference!). Sunner & warm weather, check!

It was a beautiful day for a ride. A hot one too. I had to alter my planned route in order to swing by a convinence store in Blackstone.

Gatorade stop. Anderson's Variety in Blackstone

They didn't have Gatorade Endurance, so I tried Gatorade RAIN - Berry Flavor. Blech!

Before that I had to make an unplanned stop as I forgot to check the batteries in my GPS before I headed out. I stopped at the Lukoil in Bellingham on RT 126 near the Middle School:

Batteries for GPS

I saw the same rider twice on my ride. Once on my way out in at the 4-way stop sign at Pine & Beech St. in Franklin, and once on my way back on Partridge St. I've seen this guy riding in the past. He would look very much at home on a Harley.