Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oral Surgeon Ride

Yesterday I needed to get to my Wisdon tooth extraction appoitment without my car. Apparently they don't let you drive after going under anestesia. So instead of shuttling cars around or scrounging for a ride, I rode my bike.

Riding along that section of route 140 sucked. That section is a 4 lane road with no shoulder. I'm glad I took my mountain bike on the sidewalk even I don't normally like to do that.

The bike is an early 90's Specialized StumpJumper (photo from an earlier posting). I just got my old 1990 Rockhopper back from my parents house, and I may work on making that bike more into a commuter bike and get the Stumpjumber back into mountain bike form.

Hey, I just figured out how to embed my Motinbased stuff right into this blog: