Monday, January 5, 2009

Training in 2009

For Real This Time...?

Every winter I say that I am going to commit to using my bike trainer, and every winter I use it a couple of times and that's it. This year I am going to try and stick to the plan.

So Far, So Good...

It is January 5th and I have already been on my trainer twice this year. The first time on Friday, January 2nd and this morning. I've put on a lot of pounds this holiday season and I am desperate to get them off.

My Trainer Set Up:

In addition to the basics...:

  • A 16 ft. headphone extension cord so I could listen to the TV while I'm on the trainer (the TV is hard to hear while on the trainer and I don't want to wake up the family).

I also have a spreadsheet printed out of Chris Carmichael's Weight-Loss Workout that I read about in Bicycling Magazine. I have this clipped to the cables coming off my handlebars.