Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Protect Your Trainer Bike"

I recently received the following article on one of the cycling email groups I belong to. I figured I would repost it here:

Quick Tip: Protect Your Trainer Bike. This tip comes from endurance cycling legend and PAC Tour poobah Lon Haldeman, who lives in cold, snowy Wisconsin. You know what that means in winter -- yep, plenty of sweaty trainer time.

"Give your trainer bike a good mist spray of Boeshield T-9 every week," Haldeman advises. "The wax base will keep salty sweat from rusting metal parts and blistering the paint. It's essential for a steel frame.

"Some places tend to rust quickly, like around the stem, fork crown, front brake, water bottle mounts, cable guides and under the bottom bracket. Even if you dry your bike with a towel after each workout it's tough to get into all the small places that sweat collects. The T-9 gets into those vulnerable spots and leaves a protective transparent coating.

"It's okay to leave this layer of T-9 on a trainer bike, but if it's also your regular road bike you can remove the coating in the spring. Use mineral spirits and a small paint brush. A rinse with soap and water using a soft brush will get your bike looking like new again -- rust free."

My bike has a few layers of car wax on it so I think it is pretty safe.