Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Phat Tuesday - Cramps!

Slower is Faster

This week I purposely hung back and let the faster riders go. I didn't want the temptation to try and stay up front or to try and close any gaps. It turns out to have been thr right choice. I averaged a bit faster than last time. It felt slower, but was actually faster. I think hanging with a group on the second half of the ride helped out a lot.


First the Right Calf...

Just after passing the reservoir on the second half of the ride, my right calf cramped up. I was with a group of riders and I didn't want to get dropped. So I unclipped and just used my left leg to pedal. It was a flat, rolling section so it wasn't so bad. Eventually my right calf de-cramped and I was good to go.

Then the left calf...

Right at the last half mile of the ride, I felt my left calf starting to cramp up. That meant no sprinting for the finish line. It was all I could do to pedal just enough to make it back without the left calf totally cramping up. I think it finally cramped up within rolling distance of the parking lot.

Next time, more electrolytes!