Friday, May 23, 2008

Home to Monster

There and Back Today...

Yesterday I decided I would bike to work today. The only thing is, I decided this when I was already at work. So no clever pre-positioning of an extra set of work clothes (or vehicle). So I had to backpack my clothes in. I normally don't like to wear anything on my back when I bike as it prevents breath-ability. o last night I emptied my backpack and repacked it with clothes and absolute essentials. I also kept an eye on the forecasts for both the ride in and the ride back. This morning the forecast called for showers this afternoon. I don't believe them. Even if it does rain, at least I have the right clothing with me.

Headed out.

It was a nice ride in this morning with surprisingly very little traffic. I think I planned this route out pretty well as I did not come across any intersections this morning where I though my life was in jeopardy. It was actually very relaxing riding along averaging 15 mph and taking in the sights and smells of an early spring morning on the the way to work. You don't get that experience in a car on Route 495.