Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bike Cleaning Day

Nice and Shiny!

It started off as "I'll just quickly clean my bike and get it looking sharp". I got the mold off the frame that was growing on the dried Gatorade around my bottle cages. To better clean the frame I took the bottle cages off the frame. I figured that would be as far as I would go.

The lower part of the frame was real grimy. So I got out the bug & tar remover I had. That worked pretty well with just using paper towels. Then I attacked the bike with a few dozen Q-Tips. Better, but not good enough. The front chain rings looked like, well, black. I started cleaning them, but it wasn't easy working my way around them. So off they came. Next step, grab an old tooth brush and start scrubbing off the grimy build-up. Hmmmmm, I hope I can get these back on correctly. I can thanks to a quick Google Search :-)

The frame and chain rings are cleaner than they've ever been. However, I probably should have cleaned the chain first. I'm saving that for tomorrow...