Monday, October 5, 2009

October Ride - PHAT Revisited

Getting Them in While I Can

With the weather getting cooler and (more importantly) the days getting shorter, I am limited to the weekends for my bike rides. With two kids (7 & 4) that usually means 1 ride over the weekend.

It is 50°+ and it is overcast. The rain has mostly past, so I layer up and head out.

South to PHAT Route

I head south and connect with the PHAT Tuesday route that i have become very familiar with. It looks much different when taken at a leisurely pace. There is a lot of nice scenery that I normally miss because I am usually focusing on the riders in front of me.

Yet Another Flat Tire!

I've gotten my second flat tire since getting my new rear wheel this past August (3rd one this year). 3 flat tires in a year after going 2-3 years without getting a flat. I am going to have to do a thorough inspection of that rear wheel.

CRW Two State Tango

I saw a good number of riders as I was biking through Plainville coming from the other direction. Enough to make me think it was a club ride. I checked. sure enough, the Cambridge River Wheelmen were doing their "Two State Tango (Revised)" today. If I had known I would have done that ride. I have ridden the outer part of that route a lot, but never with that club.

I have a lot of bike blogging to catch up on. Stay Tuned...