Monday, October 6, 2008

Dreary Sunday Ride

Cold, Miserable, and Tired.

Well, the weather forecasts I had seen on Friday for Sunday indicated that it would be a warm and sunny day just like Saturday. It wasn't. It was cold, overcast and even threatened to rain at times. I had the option of going on another group ride with the people I rode with yesterday, however I decided not to. I was still somewhat tired from yesterday's ride (and Oktoberfest party) and I didn't want to have to worry about "keeping up" with a fast group. Also, I wanted to go for a shorter, more relaxed ride. Not to mention that I had to get home and mow the lawn. It had grown tall after 3 weeks.

I layered up and headed out for a 20 mile ride. It was much slower that yesterday's ride. I even felt a few rain drops while I was out.

Rear Derailer

My rear derailer is starting to act up. It doesn't shift smoothly and sometimes not at all in a certain gear range. I'll have to get that looked at.

A Record!

At some point along this ride I had crossed the "1,349 mile mark" for my yearly total. 1,349 miles was my record for most miles in a year so far (in 2006). I may get a few more ride in before I retire the bike for the season...

...or maybe I'll hop on the old 1982 Schwinn Varsity ;-)

Mowing the Lawn...

It took a while. When I was almost done I saw one of the riders I almost joined with this morning, (Paul), ride up the street to his home. Or at least I think I did.