Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tower Hill (Chilly)

39° Seriously!

I woke up early Saturday morning looking to get a ride in. I looked at the Thermometer and it read 39° at just a little after 6:00 AM. I had some coffee and a Clif bar and waited until it at least got above 40°

Breakfast #1

Full Winter Gear

I dressed in my full winter gear. Winter riding gloves, Pearl Izumi Kodiak shirt, shoe covers, feather weight thermals, and head and neck coverings. Wasn't it only two weeks ago that it was hot?

Layered and toasty :-)

I had dressed just right for the time and temperature.

Tower Hill

It had been a while since I had ridden Tower Hill. In fact it had been a while since I did any sort of solo ride. I had either been doing club rides, Phat Tuesday evening rides, and such. So it was good to get out for a solo rode for a change.

I had recently just gotten over a bad cold that had torn through our household. so I spent about the first 10 miles or so clearing out my sinuses. Nothing clears out sinuses better than a good ride in chilly weather.

My sinuses were cleared out by the time I got to Tower Hill Road. The foot of the hill is a pretty steep grade. After that though, it is a "rolling climb" through the woods.

I got 27 miles in and got home just in time for (2nd) breakfast. After that I took Catherine to soccer and then we all jumped in the van and headed to NJ.