Saturday, September 8, 2007

To Tower Hill (RI) and Back

Early Morning Ride

It was going to be hot today (and it was). I also had a full schedule today, part of which included my daughter's first day of Town Soccer. So I figured if I was going to get a ride in, I better get it in early.

Pre ride breakfast. Not the most ideal right before a ride, but it was better than riding on an empty stomach.

Tower Hill Road, Rhode Island

Tower Hill Road is a quiet, secluded, ~2.5 mile long road in Cumberland, RI that I like to tackle once in a while. It is so secluded, that I didn't see a car in wither direction during my entire ride on it. Over the ~2.5 miles it goes from ~215" elevation to ~500" elevation. The most difficult part is the beginning. There are two really short segments right at the start that have 12% and 13% grades. After that though, it is just another climb that rolls upwards. Once you reach the peak of this road you do feel a sense of accomplishment.

The Reward

The best part of climbing 300" over 2 miles is now you get to go down. West Wrentham Road in RI is a nice road to go descend. It is wide, with wide shoulders and plenty of visibility. Of course there's that pesky traffic light at the end. However at that point the grade flattens out and you have usually shaved off most of your speed at that point anyway.