Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Dover and Back (with Blueberries in between)


It was 47° F when I looked at the thermometer this morning. It's August! I was planning on going out for a really early morning ride, but I refuse to put on cold weather bike clothing in August. So I waited until it got north of 50°. I wore my Germany bike shirt because it is the warmest short sleeve jersey I have. I knew it would get warmer and sunnier, so I dressed for that as opposed to the current reading on the thermometer. Around mile 3 I saw a couple of other bikers with arm warmers on. I was chilly but getting warmer.

I almost wore this...

I almost wore this...

I'm glad I didn't go long sleeve as it did get warmer as I was fine with what I was wearing.

Lots of Bikers...

There were lots of bikers out today. I headed east through Norfolk/Medfield the north to Dover. I even saw a biker twice in Dover. First he was coming south on center st, then he was coming north on Farm street.

I saw a paceline group out for a training ride in Dover also. But the coolest thing that happened was when another paceline group caught up to me on Forrest Road in Sherborn. If I didn't have to get back I would have tagged along for a bit.

A Paceline Group caught up to me on Forest Street in Sherborn.

UPDATE! (March 12, 2008)

UPDATE: I was looking at the CRW site and noticed that their Saturday Morning Fitness (Long 42) ride overlaps this particular ride at mile ~16. Not only that but they start at 8:30 AM. The picture was taken on Forest St @ 9:16 AM. The time and distance are just right if they were averaging ~20 MPH. Coolness...

Blueberry Picking

My wife was going to take our daughter's blueberry picking this morning while I was out for a ride. On my way back I called to see where they were. They were just about to head out so I told her I would meet them there (at Jane & Paul's Farm in Norfolk).

I timed it just right to meet my family at Jane & Paul's Farm for Blueberry Picking.

They pulled in about 30 seconds after I rode up. Talk about timing :-) I spent the next 40 minutes hanging out, picking blueberries, and holding my youngest while she napped. So I got to have it all, a bike ride and time with the family!

Picking blueberries with my daughter.